My Dec 2022 portfolio: international stocks, commodities, and gold!

This month’s trades are in!

On December 1, my Fast Follow Investor model made some big moves:

December 2022 Allocations

  • ~50% International equities (tickers SCZ, EFA, VGK)
  • ~25% Gold and commodities (tickers GLD, DBC)
  • ~25% Cash

My head and my heart tell me this is a precarious time to "get back in". But the market and the model disagree.

“When it comes time to buy and it’s the right time, you will not want to. When it comes time to sell and it’s the right time, you will not want to.”

Remember: Just like Buy & Hold, Fast Follow trend investing requires fortitude to stick with it.

One last point: Notice that last decade’s top performers are completely absent: US equities and big tech! Has the tide turned? Only time will tell…

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This offer is in no way financial advice. Rather, it is very important financial education!

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Brian Herriot, Fast Follow Investor @brianh